3D BluePrint Architects & Engineers are specialised in developing a complete process for design and construction with the use of an integral 3D Building Information Model (3D BIM).

The company currently employs 60 architects and engineers who all work using 3D BIM technology to carry out the projects which are mainly all-engineering tasks. With this ‘one-stop shopping’ principle, 3D BluePrint is responsible for the design, construction and onsite supervision, which are all processes steered by the 3D BIM.

As a result of such working methods, 3D BluePrint can produce savings of 10% to 25% of the total cost of the project, which are the result of more efficient work and a reduction in claims for extra work.

3D BluePrint can also function as project architect, architectural technologist or 3D BIM integrator and can carry out a variety of tasks including:

• Verification of client’s requests (spaces, function, conditions, costs and time)

• Cost calculation, cost management, planning/4D BIM

• 3D BIM process management and support

• Design conflict analysis

• Compliance to building norms and regulations

• 3D BIM based management of preparation, planning, logistics, production and completion

• Production of 2D / 3D drawings for the building application process, technical drawings, work drawings, production drawings, revision drawings and as-built drawings

• Conversion of 2D projects to 3D BIM projects


The significance for 3D BluePrint of working with 3D BIM is to improve the digital exchange of information and to improve communication, whereby all parties have a full overview of the project during all phases.

The design specifications and information about objects, materials, quantities and processes are stored in the 3D BIM. This also holds for the financial calculations, planning and logistics. The 3D BIM information can be exchanged digitally via internet web portals and digital logbooks. Drawings can be exchanged using these means, and they easily be generated at any time directly from the 3D BIM.

This integrated coordination, digitalisation and central storage of all building information in a 3D BIM leads to a more effective and efficient method which minimises extra hidden costs and prevents any loss of information or any faults during the exchange process.


The 3D BluePrint team carry out all the tasks concerning architecture and engineering and also building processes. The company works in close collaboration with civil engineers and technical advisors in order to ensure a good integration of the design, the building structure and its services.

Apart from working with its own architects, 3D BluePrint also cooperates with external architects and architectural offices. Thus in an all-engineering contract, the client is free to approach any architect of his choice. In such cases, 3D BluePrint will bear total responsibility for the design, building process and onsite supervision.

However it is also possible for 3D Blueprint to assume a coordinating role between the client and an external architect. In such situations, the design responsibility will remain that of the concerning architect.


Working with 3D BIM allows the client to have full control over the process and enables him/her to achieve the required results: a building or space which complies to the demands and is delivered on time and built within the allocated budget. All the parties concerned can start cooperating at an earlier stage and can work more efficiently. In so doing, they prevent any extra hidden costs.

Due to the vast experience in working with 3D BIM, 3D BluePrint is the right partner choice for a client in order to achieve the set goals. 3D BluePrint is often involved in projects from the initial stages in order to attain a realistic building plan, with clear goals and milestones. From this point on, 3D BluePrint takes total responsibility for the integral design, engineering and realisation processes. The client will always find one 3D Blueprint representative available to answer to all his/her needs and who is responsible for a successful realisation of a project.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or require further information.

We invite you to approach us in order to discuss any project initiatives and prospectives to make use of our services. We will advise you about all the possibilities, action plans, costs and time schedules without any obligation for commitment.

3D BluePrint

Joep Esser


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